Sociology Test Series 2020

Sociology Test Series 2020


Orient IAS announces the launch of its All India Test Series for CSM- 2020. This Test Series aims to provide an objective evaluation of each aspirant’s performance, which would lead to an overall improvement in his/her preparation.

Objectives: The Test Series aims to provide aspirants:

  •  A simulated exam environment so that they are better prepared for the real challenge.
  •  An opportunity to test their level of preparedness for the examination
  •  A sense of confidence so that they are sure of their success in the Main examination without any anxiety
  • Flexible Module (candidates can attempt test as per their schedule)


Features: We will provide the following:

  • 11 Mock tests
  • One on One Discussions
  • Video Discussions

Price: 10,500/- (Inclusive of taxes)

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Test no. Date Topics Paper
1 10 Nov 19 Karl Marx+ Social Stratification +Social Change in Modern Society First



2 24 Nov 19 Max Weber +Work and Economic Life +Politics and society


3 08 Dec 19 E Durkheim+ G.H Mead +Religion & Society +System of Kinship First
4 22 Dec 18 (1st + 2nd+3rd) Chapters +T. Parsons+ R.K. Merton First
5 05 Jan 19


B(i) +C(ii) + B(iv) + C(vii) b +A (i)+B(ii)+C(vii) d + B(iii) Second
6 12  Jan 19 A(ii) all +C(i) +C(viii) f +C(v)+B(v)+C(iii) +C(vii)a Second
7 19 Jan 19 B(vi)+C(vii) e+ C(iv)+ C(vi) + C(vii)c


8 26 Jan 19 Comprehensive (Can be postponed post prelims) First
9 02 Feb 19 Comprehensive (Can be postponed post prelims) Second
2 Full length Tests to be conducted post prelims