Prelims Test Series 2019

Prelims Test Series 2019

CASE Studies Module



Test Series


Orient IAS announces the launch of its All India Test Series for CSP- 2019. This Test Series aims to provide an objective evaluation of each aspirant’s performance, which would lead to an overall improvement in his/her preparation.


The Test Series aims to provide aspirants:

  • A simulated exam environment so that they are better prepared for the real challenge
  • An opportunity to test their level of preparedness for the examination
  • A simulated exam environment so that they are better prepared for the real challenge
  • A sense of confidence so that they are sure of their success in the Prelims and can prepare for the Main examination without any anxiety




  • 32 Mocks of GS Paper I (3200 questions) that closely simulate the Civil Services (Prelims) Examination (Basic + Advance + Full Length) + 5 CSAT Tests.(will Start By Feb.)
  • Special focus on enhancing test-taking skills of Civil Services aspirants
  • Questions prepared by a team of selected candidates and seasoned academicians
  • Flexible Module (candidates can attempt test as per their schedule)
  • One on One Discussion/Doubt Solving sessions
  • All India Rankings
  • Strength and Weakness to be gauged by online analytical tools

GS Online/PDF format @ Rs 1999 + 18% GST =  Rs 2360/-  (use code 10PC for 10% discount)
GS Offline/Print format @ Rs 3200  (use code 10PC for 25% discount) = 2400 + 18 % GST = 2832
Admission Closed

Duration of Test Series: 18 Nov –10May2019


Test Code Date Test Syllabus Study Reference
150 18/11/18 Mock Test (Free) Entire Syllabus UPSC Pattern
151 25/11/18 Polity 1 (Basic) Historical Background

Making of the Constitution

Philosophy of the Indian  Constitution

Salient Features of the Constitution

Nature of Federal System

Preamble of the Constitution

Union and its Territory


Fundamental Rights

Directive Principles of State Policy

Fundamental Duties

152 02/12/18 Polity 2 (Basic) Government of the Union

Government of the States

Administration of UTs

Local Government

Administration of Special areas (Scheduled & Tribal)

The Judicature

Federal System

Emergency Provisions


Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities

Pressure Groups

National Integration


153 09/12/18 CA 1 Current Affairs June Month
154 16/12/18 Polity 3 (Advanced Level) Complete Syllabus NCERT, M.Laxmikant, Current News (Polity Related)
155 23/12/18 CA 2 Current Affairs July Month
156 30/12/18 Ancient +Medieval + Art Culture Ancient , Art and Culture & Medieval History NCERT Class XI (old), RS Sharma – Ancient History

NCERT Class XI (Old), Satish Chandra – Medieval History

NCERT Class XI, Introduction to Indian Arts

157 06/01/19 Modern History (Basic) 1857-1947 NCERT Class XI(old)
158 10/01/19 Modern History (Advanced) 1857-1947 Bipin Chandra: Modern India
159 15/01/19 CA 3 Current Affairs August Month
160 20/01/19 World Geography (Basic) Physical Geography

The Earth and Universe

Earth’s Crust

Volcanoes and Earthquake


Water Bodies

Islands and Coral Reefs


NCERT Class XI – Fundamentals of Physical Geography

NCERT Class XII – Fundamentals of Human Geography

161 27/01/19 World Geography (Advanced) Physical, Economic & Human Geography


GC Leong, Longman Atlas
162 07/02/19 CA 4 Current Affairs September Month
163 12/02/19 Indian Geography (Basic) India



Climate, Vegetation and Soil

Nature Hazards and Disasters: Causes, Consequences and Management


NCERT Class XI – Indian Physical Environment

NCERT Class XII – India People and Economy

164 17/02/19 Indian Geography (Advanced) Physical, Economic & Human Geography


Certificate Physical and Human Geography -GC Leong
165 22/02/19 CA 5 Current Affairs October Month
166 28/02/19 Economics (Basic) Complete Syllabus NCERT Class XI – Indian Economic Development

NCERT Class XII – Introductory Macroeconomics

NCERT Class XII – Introductory Microeconomics

167 06/03/19 Economics (Advanced) Complete Syllabus
168 12/03/19 CA 4 Current Affairs November Month
169 17/03/19 General Science Physics + Chemistry + Biology NCERT Class XII- Physics, Chemistry and Biology
170 24/03/19 CA 5 Current Affairs December Month
171 28/03/19 Science & Tech Current Updates Current Affairs, The Hindu & other current sources
172 01/04/19 Society  +Government  Schemes Social and Economic Development  Schemes

Jun-March Current Affairs (Govt Schemes)

173 10/04/19 CA 6 Current Affairs January Month
174 21/04/18 Environment and Ecology Ecology and Environment +  Annual Current Affairs on Ecology News Sources Like The Hindu, Indian Express, Science Reporter
175 28/04/19 CA 7 Current Affairs February Month
176 30/04/19 India Year Book + Economic Survey  + Current Affairs India Year Book

Economic Survey 2018

March  Month
177 02/05/19 CA 8 Current Affairs April Month
178 04/05/19 Comprehensive Full Length Test Entire Syllabus
179 07/05/19 Comprehensive Full Length Test Entire Syllabus
180 08/05/19 Comprehensive Full Length Test Entire Syllabus
181 10/05/19 Comprehensive Full Length Test Entire Syllabus