Atul Garg



CASE Studies Module 2018

Programme Highlights

  • Nearly 100 Case Studies along with many questions will be discussed during the course of module. Most of the cases will be connected to recent happenings.
  • Time management techniques during the exam will be the part of discussions.
  • One to one discussion for specific problems of students after the class.
  • The programme has been divided into 7 classes (2-2.5 hr/class). Effort will be made to cover each and every aspect of case studies in these classes.
  • Classes have been organized in such a way that concepts are discussed first and then only discussion of case studies will take place.
  • The programme will include 2 Tests (Comprehensive).
  • Duration: around 10 days (counted from the day of first class; excluding duration of 2 tests that will take place on two consecutive weekends)
  • Module Fee: 5,000/- (including taxes)
  • Pendrive and Online : 2499/- Without 2 Tests