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The nature of civil services examination has drastically evolved in the last few years. New dimensions along with new papers have been added to the exam process which needs a completely different approach for success. However, the coaching style has not evolved in this changing scenario, which has led to growing dissatisfaction among students regarding the role coaching plays in their preparation. It is in this context, 3600 PGP has been designed to assist candidates according to the new demands of this examination.

Features Of Traditional Coaching

  • School and university type of static teaching.
  • Notes dictation by teachers.
  • Attachment only till the classes are going on.
  • No doubt clearance session.
  • Less stress on writing practice.
  • Tendency to provide knowledge without any context. For example understanding MK Gandhi without understanding the timeframe in which he worked.
  • More facts and less analysis through different perspectives.
  • Stress on knowledge acquisition rather than self directed learning
  • Focus on content with no consideration towards process and behaviour.

Needs Of Present Exam

The cut off for mains exam is decreasing over the years. It seems the UPSC has fewer options to choose from. Questions asked earlier were also as tough as they are now. Only their nature has been changed. This point towards the incongruence between the way students prepare for the exam and what examiner expects from the candidates. There have been examples like 2014 topper Ira Singhal who scored above 1000 marks in mains exam when others were struggling to score above 500 marks. Only the right approach can lead to such a score. Some of the features of present nature of exam are:  
  • In 1990’s questions in the exam were usually concerned with what, how, where of objects and events. For example what is constitution, what are its features? Questions were direct in nature.
  • In the first decade of the 21st century, we saw certain changes. Now questions started with analyse, criticize, evaluate etc. Analytical nature of questions was given more importance.
  • Now, in last few years, words like formulate, construct, personal opinion, future course of action are seen in use.
  • Many questions directly based on Conceptual understanding
  • Multiple Perspectives: examiner today expects answer written from different perspectives.
  • Innovation and Novelty: one of the biggest problems in traditional coaching is that it kills innovation and novelty among the students. Notes dictation and their cramming by students create a mindset and limit the thought process. Students are not able to go beyond their limited thought process.
  • Values: Values have always been a major and most influential part of a civil servants personality. It is this trait which UPSC now wants to identify in the candidates.
  • Process orientation: Focusing on ‘how to write’, rather than ‘what to write’.
  • Balanced Behaviour: this exam is a pressure game which requires patience and commitment towards perfection. Even best ideas can lead to average performance in absence of confidence. Now is the time of emotional intelligence and street smartness.

360° PGP

360° PGP is a revolutionary programme in the field of civil services preparation. It is designed to bring the preparation of students in congruence with the needs of the exam. As the name suggests, it caters all the needs of students coming from all directions and levels. It is designed for those students who:  
  • Have done with their coaching but are not satisfied
  • Have done their coaching and want continuous assistance for the remaining phase of their preparation
  • Those who don’t want to come to Delhi but need assistance while preparing from their home.
  • Those who don’t want to learn in the crowd of 100s by joining traditional coaching; and want to prepare by themselves but under the guidance and mentorship of experts.

Programme Features

  • Time table preparation and management.
  • Help in selecting the Right Optional & Right Study Material.
  • Objective preparation of a plan specifically designed according to your needs.
  • Monthly compilation of current affairs analysis from best available sources like The Hindu, Indian Express, Economist, EPW, Yojana etc.
  • Individual consideration: Individual guidance and one to one doubt clearance sessions to deal with all aspects of student’s personality.
  • Intellectual stimulation: encouraging students to innovate and create rather than mugging up notes and facts.
  • Special classes for news paper reading and notes preparation.
  • Regular testing through test series program and compulsory one to one feedback sessions.
  • Developing the habit of looking things from ethical perspective.
  Thus, the idea is to assist the candidates in all possible manners. This will help the candidates to avoid joining multiple courses at multiple institutes. The nature of this programme itself is not static and keeps on evolving according to the needs of the candidates. The programme has already been tested over more than 200 candidates. Many of them have been successful in their endeavour and even those who are not able to clear the exam have learned a lot for life.

Programme Schedule

  • Those who have just started their preparation and are planning to give next year’s prelims
  • Those who have given prelims but are not able to clear it
  • Those who have cleared prelims but have failed at mains or interview stage
  • Second stage will be of Assisted Strategy Making. At this stage, the students will be assisted in making a strategy and a plan for the coming exam (prelims, mains or interview whichever it may be). A time table will be created according to the needs of the student.
  • Next will be the Content Selection stage. The students will be provided with the best of books and notes available in the market. Not only the books will be provided but also the methodology of reading them will be described to the students. For current affairs, notes prepared by experts from exclusive sources will be provided on weekly basis. Students will be assisted in how to maintain their notes and reading newspapers.
  • Stimulation Based Learning: The students will be guided throughout the period of their preparation. They will be stimulated for self learning. One to one doubt clearing sessions will be held according to the needs of the students.
  • Holistic Assessment: practice is the most important aspect of this exam’s preparation. Students will be asked to give weekly tests on whatever knowledge they have gained during the week time. Simultaneous practice for both prelims and mains will be done.

Programme Fees

    This will not include printed material and various test series that students will be provided at Assisted Reading Strategy and Exhaustive Testing stage. Weekly current affairs material will be given in this programme. Students will have the option to join our test series on individual basis.     This will include everything i.e study material for all GS papers, weekly current affairs and GS test series for Prelims and Mains. Note: the programme will start from 1st of January 2016. Admissions are open. Duration of programmes will be of one year from the date of admission.
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