Test Series


Sociology Test Series 2019

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” Orient IAS announces the launch of its All India Test Series for CSM- 2019. This Test Series aims to provide an objective evaluation of each aspirant’s performance, which would lead to an overall improvement in his/her preparation. Objectives: The Test Series aims to provide aspirants:
  1. A simulated exam environment so that they are better prepared for the real challenge
  2. An opportunity to test their level of preparedness for the examination
  3. A sense of confidence so that they are sure of their success in the Main examination without any anxiety
  4. Flexible Module (candidates can attempt test as per their schedule)
  Features: We will provide the following:  
  • 11 Mock tests
  • One on One Discussions
  • Video Discussions
  • Price: 10,000/- (Inclusive of taxes)
Test no. Date Topics Paper
1 15 Nov 18 Karl Marx+ Social Stratification +Social Change in Modern Society First    
2   25 Nov 18 Max Weber +Work and Economic Life +Politics and society   First
3 02 Dec 18  E Durkheim+ G.H Mead +Religion & Society +System of Kinship First
4 12 Dec 18  (1st + 2nd+3rd) Chapters +T. Parsons+ R.K. Merton First
5 20 Dec 18   B(i) +C(ii) + B(iv) + C(vii) b +A (i)+B(ii)+C(vii) d + B(iii) Second
6 28 Dec 18 A(ii) all +C(i) +C(viii) f +C(v)+B(v)+C(iii) +C(vii)a Second
7 07 Jan 18 B(vi)+C(vii) e+ C(iv)+ C(vi) + C(vii)c   Second
8 13 Jan 19  Comprehensive (Can be postponed post prelims) First
9 17 Jan 19 Comprehensive (Can be postponed post prelims) Second
2 Full length Tests to be conducted post prelims
15 Nov 2018