Economic Survey Classes

Economic Survey Classes

Economic Survey Classes

Economic Survey & Budget Classes By -Bijendra Kumar Singh
Importance Of Economic Survey & Budget In Civil Services Preparation:-


  • 25 questions in PT from economics.
  • 11 Direct questions from Survey and Budget.(2015-16,2016-17,2017-18)
  • Main ingredient for Current Affairs .
  • Handy in almost all the papers.


  • Constitute majority sections from paper 1st & 3rd.
  • Helps in content enrichment of most of the papers.
  • Easy understanding of Govt-programs & policies.
  • Direct questions in essay since the last 3-4yrs.


  • Prepare key topics like FRBM, DTC,GST, Govt-programs & policies, IBC, crypto currencies.

Syllabus & Prog Features-

  • Clarification of Basic Concepts & their relevance.
  • Detailed study of Survey 2017-18 and Budget 2018-19.
  • A summary of last 2-3 yrs Survey and Budget.
  • Compilation of facts would be replaced by conceptual summary .

Course Duration – 10 Days
Class Starts From 06th March
Course Fee -2000/-

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