About Our Institution

Orient IAS is a platform for IAS aspirants, wherein the agenda for learning is decided by the aspirants, thus focus is on achieving specific and immediate goals rather than one way teacher-student relations. It resolves more around developing the aspirants for the exam, and would work on grooming the talent within them. Orient IAS would chart out a comprehensive roadmap specific to you by one to one mentorship programme. There is no dearth of books/study material in market, but still majority of students do not succeed in the exam. Have you guessed why that happens? It is because majority of candidates are still obsessed with collecting books and notes, which they cannot study, or even if they have studied, they cannot remember that information during exam.

You might have also noticed that the questions asked in Civil Services Exam are now-a-days quite different from the earlier patterns. For getting success in the exam, very limited books and magazines along with right orientation of students is required.

We, at Orient IAS are seeking to bring a transformative mentorship to your preparation, wherein we work on your queries and doubts head-on. We believe in showing you the right way by which you can get confidence which would be long standing in nature. We would assist you by knowing your own potential and preparation level, so that you can start your preparation from that level only. We have devised psychological tests, which would ascertain which areas of yours need more focus and attention, so that the improvement in your whole preparation can be achieved.

All the Best Folks!!